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All our items sold on this online store come with a "fair wear policy". This means that all products must be free from manufacturing defect when you purchase the product and as you wear it for a fair period of time providing the item is used for the purpose for which it was designed.

Manufacturing defects include such things as stitching coming undone, soles coming away from the uppers, and uppers tearing etc.

Items bearing these defects must be returned and will either be repaired, replaced immediately or be returned to the relevant supplier for further investigation before a decision is made.

We believe that there are no hard and fast rules regarding the "fair time" which our products should last without defect. Rather the overall condition of the item will be judged to appreciate how used the item is and whether the item has been abused by being used for the wrong purpose.

Items which have been worn seldom and are well looked after may be replaced even after a year. However those items which have been clearly heavily worn will not be given the same leniency. Also the type of footwear also impacts on the fair time policy. For example sandals by nature of their construction will be given fewer leniencies than other types of footwear.

If you clearly use your items for anything else than general everyday wear no return will be accepted no matter what the time period. For example if you forget your dirt biking boots at home and decide to use your new pair of Cats for a week of fun on the farm, please don't expect them to be replaced or repaired.

All defect returns are to be sent to:

Men's Shoe Centre
Shop 303 Pine Crest Centre
Kings Rd

Please note that our FREE delivery and FREE return policy does not apply to defect returns and you will be charged for any deliveries resulting from either returning the same items back to you or the delivery of the replacement items.

In order for you to have your items returned to you after repair or replacement you will need to buy a delivery voucher. Please purchase one Delivery Voucher per item.